The Rebel Mompreneur Course Offerings

Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop

Do you know what a Vision Board is?

It’s a way to manifest your dream life. When you make a Vision Board, you get clear on what you want to create in your life.

Once you get clarity, you select images and words from magazines and paste them on a big poster board. Seeing this board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract! Oprah, Ellen, and Katy Perry all swear by Vision Boards! I’ve managed to materialize 2 things in ONE WEEK with my Vision Board.

It sounds pretty simple. (And yes, there is a process to making your Vision Board more powerful)

So why doesn’t everyone create Vision Boards? Well, (name)..most of us never take the time. We let our busy, distracted lives keep us well, busy & distracted.

It’s time to change that.

On November 29, I am hosting a CREATE YOUR LIFE VISION BOARD WORKSHOP at the Fort Mill Public Library Meeting Room in Baxter. It’s a half-day immersion experience for you to focus on your authentic life, core clarity, and ideal outcomes.

Wanna come? Then go to . But hurry, because these things fill up fast, and seating is limited. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to create your BEST life!

The #1 Key to Success in your Business

Want to know what the #1 key to success is in building and staying in business? Have you been busting your ass, and no one seems to notice you or even show the slight bit of interest? This course takes you on a journey of discovering your Why for being in business. Brace yourself, because this will be a deep look into finding a why that makes you feel deeply attached to a purpose. It’s not going to be revolutionary for your business…it’s going to rock your world!

Ditch the Money Mindset Blocks & Build a 6-figure income

Are you struggling in your business to earn money?  You could be suffering from a faulty money mindset. Sign up for this course on common money blocks, how to throw them to the curb, and build a 6-figure income! You’ll get loads of resources to get you started on the path to success.

Kill them with Kindness & Skyrocket your Sales

What do the most successful businesses and people have in common? They care. Being of service (aka, being a servant) is counter-culture to how we’ve been programmed to act in business and in life. We’re taught to “Look out for #1,” and to step over people to get what we want in life and in our careers. I’m here to tell you that model does not work. Ever. Period! If you’re looking for a long-term plan for success instead of a “get rich quick” scheme, this is for you!

Rebel against the Status Quo & Find your Groove in Business

In this course, we’ll take a look at the common methods of attack in entrepreneurship, and I’ll teach you what you can do to stand out from the crowd!

Membership & Course Plans

Here at The Rebel Mompreneur, we believe in giving you options, because as a single mom, I’ve been in the place where you want it all, but don’t have the money to sign up for each individual course that comes along. We also believe in having a tribe of women that you can call friends. So with that in mind, we offer a monthly membership plan that you can cancel at any time, and you’ll get to take all of our courses at any time! You can also sign up for individual courses if you’re not interested in a monthly obligation.

Email us for pricing at Watch for some FREE courses as well on our Facebook page at!

XoXo – Jen